Al_baitu jamilatun

Al_baitu jamilatun
Al Baitu jamilatun

Friday, August 6, 2010

hutan ikut ketinggian above sea level

Jenis hutan mengikut ketinggian dari aras laut di Negara Malazi4921kaki=1500meter ke atasUpper Montane Forest-also known as ericaceous forest-sparse foliage, gnarled and stocky branches-abundance of moss and lichen and perpetually damp due to dense cloudcover and mistAntara 3937kaki= 1200meter hingga 4921kaki=1500 meterMontane forest-also known as montane oak forest-less dense forest; often mistshrouded and damp and contains unique species like ferns and certain conifersAntara 2460 kaki=750meter hingga 3937kaki=1200meterUpperhill dipterokarp forest-Characterized by the presence of shorea platyclados (meranti bukit..., agathis borneensis (damar minyak..., calophyllum.spp (bintangor... and dipterocarpus(keruing...Antara 984kaki=300meter hingga 2460kaki=750meter-Area Burung Tiong Mas home ranges…Hill dipterocarp forest-Occurs on the inland malazi mountain ranges and contains many of common lowland species-dominance as shorea curtisii (meranti seraya…which ends to be gregarious here984kaki=300meter ke bawahLowland dipterocarp forest (kebanyakan kawasan ini sudah bertukar menjadi ladang kelapa sawit serta lading getah…Telah diusaha hasilkan (selaku production forest sejak 39 tahun lalu…-well drained forest, dense and rich in biodiversityCoastal Hill Forest-characterised by the presence of shorea glauca (meranti kepong…, irvingia malayana, Eugenia spp (kelat…and shorea curtisii (meranti seraya…Peat swamp forest (paya gambut….-contains commercially important species such as Gonystyllus bancanus (ramin…and shorea platycarpa (meranti paya…Mangrove forest ( paya bakau….... 0 meter… above sea level ke atas sehingga peat swamp forest-Forms a transition from land to sea, linking terrestrial and marine ecosystem and sheltering tropical shores with trees and shrubsForestry Department Headquarters Semenanjung malaziJalan Sultan Salahuddin50660 KLTel 03 2988244Fax 603-2925657

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